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Since 2013 INTEC-ONMR LLP steadily continues the program on production upgrade.

The enterprise has upgraded the test laboratory, production workshops and welding production. Machine fleet was renovated by purchasing a modern pipe-cutting machine.

GAKS-D-1-105К Pneumatic Pump Station was brought into operation as a result of upgrade of test laboratory technical equipment. The intended use is pressure building and maintaining when hydrotesting valves and fittings under the pressure of up to 100MPa. Test results are automatically recorded by Seitronik SIR-PG-300 Measuring System equipped with pressure transmitters and leak control sensors.

Retrofitting has enabled the company to develop new operations and services, namely heat treatment of welding joints. These operations can be performed remotely and autonomously using 200 kW Diesel Generator as power source.

In 2017 the enterprise intends to continue upgrading, planning to further renovate the machine fleet, further develop the non-destructive test laboratory.

Despite the fact that the last two years were very difficult for domestic oilfield service companies, INTEC-ONMR LLP continued searching for orders and promoting its company on Kazakhstan and Russian oil markets. As a result, in November 2016 the company confirmed the existence of an ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate. Requirements.

In December last year INTEC-ONMR LLP had successfully registered in Alash United On-line Supplier Database of Kazakhstan oil & gas operating companies.

Moreover, INTEC-ONMR LLP is a runner-up in the Kazakhstan Altyn Sapa Presidential Award Competition.

To keep up with the time and follow the ever increasing demands and requirements of the partners, INTEC-ONMR LLP is running production qualification process to compile with API requirements since 2016. The API standards are a generally recognized quality standards in the oil industry that requires enterprises to conform to the highest level.

Nowaday INTEC-ONMR LLP is a steady company that is looking forward confidently while actively developing and ready for cooperation with new partners.