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Company Profile

The core business of SC Condensate is hydrocarbons processing at 850 KTA Refinery and motor fuel production.

The assortment of products and the production volume depends on the demand for our products at the petroleum product market.

Currently SC Condensate produces and sells the following products on a regular basis:
• K5 92 RON Motor Gasoline (CU TR 013/2011, GOST 32513-2013);
• K5 95 RON Motor Gasoline (CU TR 013/2011, GOST 32513-2013);
• Diesel fuel DT-L-K5 (CU TR 013/2011, GOST 32511-2013);
• Diesel fuel DT-L-K4 (CU TR 013/2011, GOST 32511-2013);
• Straight-run gas oil fraction (ST SC 15336125-03-2009);
• Vacuum gasoil (ST SC 921040000053-12-2017);
• Vacuum bottoms (ST SC 921040000053-13-2017).

Click to Products section for complete list of oil products along with regulatory documents.

Gasoline is sold at own gas filing stations as well as to wholesale customers.