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Labour protection and industrial safety

Safety and Labor Protection is one of the key priorities in the strategy of corporate development. All the work in this sphere is built upon strict abidance by requirements of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan ”On Civil Defense” dd. April 11, 2014 # 188-V, regulatory & technical documents, rules and regulations goverining prevention and response to natural and technogenic emergencies and their consequences. Moreover, provision is also made for such measures as: emergency medical and psychological aid to population inside the emergency area, maintenance of fire and industrial safety, organization and activity of emergency response services and teams.

SC Condensate holds leading positions in industrial safety on such standard indicators as industrial production safety and labor protection – lost time incidents (LTI).

Our personnel safety as well as environmental protection is of primary importance for us. Our Company policy is aimed at reducing an injury rate at workplace till zero and for this purpose continuous work is ongoing. Injury-free work and no incidents as well as compliance with advanced standards of industrial safety are given a big attention too.

For the period of 2012-2015, SC Condensate has worked for over 3 million manhours in total without lost time incidents (LTI) and with no injuries.

Road safety is an important part of SC Condensate policy. SC Condensate’s vehicle milage with no road traffic incidents (RTI) recorded was over 1.5 mln km in 2015.

Special activity programs were developed to address industrial safety and labor protection issues, and the main objectives of these activities are abidance by safety, training in industrial safety regulations, labor and health protection, accident response skills, Civil Defense and Emergencies.

All company newcomers are mandatory conducted a safety induction which include familiarization with internal regulations, production specifics, industrial, fire safety, safety and labor protection. They are provided explanations of the purpose and methods of using personal protective equipment, emergency engineering devices providing personnel protection and timely annunciation of workers about an accident as well as muster points, routes and methods of evacuating off the dangerous facility.

Labor and Health Protection

In addition to the above activities, significant work is carried out at Company facilities aimed at creating safe labor conditions and reducing worker injury risk directly at workplace. For this purpose approved departmental production supervision of labor conditions program is applied, pursuant to which specialized companies are involved in workplace hazard impact assessment.

Company provides the personnel with personal protective equipment, work clothing and safety shoes on a compulsory basis.

None the less important line of the Company business is Health maintenance and Hygiene compliance by all the personnel of the Company. According to the applicable laws the employees of primary and secondary occupations undergo annual medical examinations on a regular basis. Personnel is provided with accommodation space, shower rooms, there are also a first aid room, mess hall and dining facilities at their disposal. All work places have first aid kits at place with full set of medicines and drugs to render first aid.

Production personnel are provided with hygienic protective means free of charge. They can use clothing laundry. Vehicles are provided for personnel to get to workplace. The Company promotes healthy life-style from the first days of its existence. The example of this are annual Health Games held among Company employees for 16 running years in 9 sports. And among Company units internal events from the Games program are held.

None the less important is that all company employees have a chance for physical training and sporting activities free of charge. For this purpose a gymnasium was opened in Uralsk in 2002, and in Aksay a sporting complex with machines, gym for exercising and holding various sporting events was opened in 2010.

Accident response, Civil Defense and Emergencies

The plant carries out periodical activities on drilling the personnel in response to natural and technogenic emergencies. For this purpose Civil Defense plans for peace and war time determining official and personnel procedure to follow under conditions of both natural and technogenic disasters were jointly developed and approved by the Department of Civil Defense and Emergencies for Burlin district. Annual trainings are conducted under the specially developed program to raise the professional level of Civil Defense and Emergencies teams of the row of engineering personnel. Quality of theoretical knowledge acquired by Civil Defense team members is reinforced on annual drills and trainings.

For instance, pursuant to Art. 46, Cl. 2 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Civil Defence” # 188-V dd. 04/11/2014, 2 emergency response drills in petroleum tank fire extinguishing at Aksay terminal and Isomerization section fire fighting at the Refinery Development site were carried out in June and Septermber 2015. The emergency response drills were carried out with participation of forces and means of fire brigades of the Aksay unit, Burlin district.

As a part of the dril program, skills in mustering and alerting of emergency response formation staff as well as practices and ways of rescuing and immediate treating injured people were drilled. These drlls also included management of SC Condensate forces and means under natural and technogenic emergenies and their interaction with emergency responce bridages of the Department of Emergencies for Burlin district and adjacent enterprises.

Activities in prompt and safe evacuation off the facility were drilled by SC Condensate personnel being not a part of the emergency response formations.

One of the mandatory form of production and technical training and development of the operating personnel are accident and fire prevention drills under Emergency Response Plan (ERP), according to which the accident response drill plan for Oil Product Terminal and Mini-refinery personnel is prepared on an annual basis. Thus, 76 accident response drills were carried out in 2015.

To maintain accident detection and elimination equipment in good order, periodical inspections of fire water system, primary fire-fighting means, fire alarm and fire-fighting installation integrity are carried out to provide 100% good condition.

Industrial safety and labor protection training in hazardous production facilities

SC Condensate organizes classes at specialized training centers on various courses at its own expense and on an annual basis. Additional training is conducted for employees of specific professions such as steam and hot water boiler operator, duty electrician, pressure vessel operator etc.

Thus, the specialized training centers trained SC Condensate personnel in such courses as “Industrial Safety”, “Safety and Labor Protection”, “Pressure Vessel Operator”, “Air Compressor Operator”, “Steam and Hot Water Boiler Operator”, “Rigger”, “Ammoniac Unit Maintenance Operator”, “Servicing of 1000 V and over Power Units”, “Training of Voluntary Gas Rescue Team members authorized for Gas Hazardous Operations”, “Fuels and Lubrications Warehouseman”, “Insulator”, “Scaffolder”, “Work at Heights”, “Instrumentation Repairman”, “Gas Equipment repairman”, “Safety of power tool operations”, “Person-in-Charge of Crane Operation Safety”, “Person-in-Charge of Gas Facilities”, “Person-in-Charge of good condition and safe operation of pressure vessels”, “Health, Safety and Industrial Safety certification of Standing Examination Commission members”, “Person-in-Charge of safe operation of filling stations”, “Person-in-Charge of safe operation of steam and hot water boilers”, “Sand blaster operator”, “Safety rules for Gas Facilities”, “Loader operator”.

The total cost on Safety and Industrial development amounted to over 5.5 mln. tenge.

Moreover, there is a provision for all SC Condensate personnel to train in Basics of Fire Safety.

Periodical assessment of engineering and industrial personnel knowledge in main work and safety requirements is continuously carried out by the Standing Examination Commission with Chief Engineer as a chairman.

In December 2015 SC Condensate was granted a Certificate authorizing Industrial Safety operations at hazardous production facilities in petroleum, petroleum downstream and upstream industry, in pipelines and pressure vessels, lifting works, construction industry in training, re-training of industrial safety specialists and workers. In this connection the Personnel Development Center introduced a training program for Safety and Industrial Safety staff by plant specialists since the early 2016.