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Full NameStock Company Condensate

Short NameSC Condensate

Particulars of Registration as a Legal Entity
The certificate of state re-registration of the legal entity No. 16-1926-03-AO dated 02.10.2007, issued by Department of Justice of Burlin district of the of Department of Justice of West Kazakhstan oblast.
The certificate of state re-registration of the SC “Condensate”

TRN270 300 000 831

BIN — 921 040 000 053

Location (Address)
172, M. Ikhsanov str., 090301, Aksai, Burlinsky district, WKR, Republic of Kazakhstan

Contact Details
Phone: 8-711-33-91571
Fax: 8-711-33-91570

Bank Details
IIC   KZ58 319X 0100 0042 1729 with BTA Bank JSC (Aksai branch)
Kbe   17

Statistic Details
OKPO 15336125

The Size of the Charter Capital
46,000,000 KZT
4,600,000 book-entry shares of nominal value equal to 10 KZT, fully paid for

Registrar Data
SC “The Integrated Securities Registrar”
50040, Almaty, Bostandyk district, Satpayev st. 30A/3

Information on Shareholders Meetings in 2007