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Production Facilities

The main production facilities and production specifications

1. Low-Tonnage Unit Producing Motor Fuels with a capacity of  850 000 tpa

The plant is designed for processing raw hydrocarbons such as crude oil and unstable gas condensate and provides refinery yield up to 85% thus complying with the international petroleum refining level.

Raw hydrocarbons processing is carried out using processes as follows:

  • Feedstock de-salting;
  • Stabilization and atmospheric distillation;
  • Straight-run naphtha (gasoline cuts) hydrotreatment;
  • Heavy naphtha reforming;
  • Light naphtha isomerization;
  • Gas amine treatment;
  • Sulphur production.

Plant producing motor fuels is comprised of units, blocks and facilities as follows:

  • Stabilization and atmospheric fractionation section is intended for raw hydrocarbons de-watering, de-salting and de-gassing;
  • Atmospheric distillation unit intended for feed fractionation into straight-run naphtha, straight-run gas oil cut and atmospheric distillation residue;
  • Flash and stabilization gases condensation unit intended for compression, cooling and condensation of stabilization gases to produce sour hydrocarbon mix for further transferring to Unit-3 located within Karachaganak Oil & Gas condensate field;
  • Fire station;
  • Off-plant facilities which include chemical storage and preparation building,  compressor station, fire extinguishing system, intermediate feedstock and product tank farm with pump stations, truck tank loading & unloading racks, flare system etc;
  • Operations and Maintenance building with Main Control Room in place.

The following in-plant facilities were constructed to enhance crude refining yield as well as to produce high-octane components of Environmental Class K5 motor gasolines:

  • Naphtha Hydrotreater Unit intended for cut treatment of Sulphur, Nitrogen and other harmful substances;
  • Naphtha Reformer Unit intended for producing high-octane components of motor gasolines and technical hydrogen;
  • Light Naphtha Isomerization Unit intended for producing high-octane components of motor gasolines and removing benzene;
  • Amine Treatment Unit intended for removal of contaminants from hydrocarbon gases produced at Hydrotreater Unit thus enabling to use the gas as fuel with no impact to environment;
  • Sulphur Production Unit intended for sour gas utilization produced in Amine Treatment Unit;
  • Glycol heating and cooling unit comprising of:
    - Glycol heating package to maintain process fluid standard temperatures;
    - Glycol cooling package to cool process fluids until standard temperature;
  • Intermediate feedstock and product tank farm with vapor recovery system;
  • Straight-run naphta demercaptanization section with the alkali solution regeneration unit;
  • Adsorption nitrogen station;
  • Instrument air packaged compressor station;
  • HP & MP steam boiler house;
  • Chemical water treatment station.

2. Products Terminal

The products terminal is located in the Industrial Zone of Aksai and intended for reception, temporary storage, blending (compounding), unloading (dispatching) of oil products to consumers by railway and motor transport. Oil products are transferred to the products terminal from the plant both through the oil product trunk line and motor transport.

The products terminal consists of the following facilities:

  • Tank farm for oil product reception and storage;
  • Rail tank car loading & unloading rack;
  • Truck tank car loading & unloading racks;
  • Vapor recovery units;
  • Steam and hot water boiler house;
  • Fire water tank, fire extinguishing system;
  • Fire station;
  • Administration buildings.

3. Feedstock and Heavy Oil Products Terminal

Feedstock and heavy oil products terminal is located in the North Industrial Zone of Aksai.

There you can find process facilities intended for reception, temporary storage and unloading of feedstock and oil products.

Technical chemical laboratory launched in November 2016 and intended for monitoring feedstock and end product quality is located there as well.

The feedstock and heavy oil products terminal consists of the following facilities:

  • Feedstock and oil product tank farm;
  • Vapor recovery unit;
  • Warehouses and store yards;
  • Rail tank car loading & unloading racks;
  • Truck tank car loading & unloading racks;
  • Wastewater treatment system;
  • Fire extinguishing system;
  • Steam boiler houses;
  • Pump stations;
  • Administration building.

The plant, product terminal and feedstock and heavy oil products terminal are interconnected via the underground double pipe product line each 150 mm in size and 32 km in length.

4. Chain of gas filling station

SC Condensate possesses four own gas filling station, 2 of them located in Uralsk, 2 – in Aksai.