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Plans and Projects

SC Condensate is one of leading companies of Western Kazakhstan characterized with positive development dynamics. The core business of the company is hydrocarbons processing.

SC Condensate’s plans and projects are aimed at retrofitting and reequipping SC Condensate facilities applying new technologies to increase the output and improve refinery yield, enhance product quality and local environmental situation.

SC Condensate Strategic Development Plan is developed to support steady and long-term development of the company.

According to this Plan, the following project are currently executed:

  • Constructing K5 (Euro 5) Diesel Fuel Components Hydrotreater.

K5 Diesel Production

Project execution is started in 2015 and includes construction of Diesel Fuel Components Hydrotreater.

This project will enable to produce K5 diesel fuel to over 200 KTA.

Look-Ahead Plans

One of the look-ahead plans include creation of a Gas Chemical Complex in Karachaganak Field.

The idea of the Gas Chemical Project is based upon partial recovery of high-value raw components of the main flow of stabilization and separation gases injected by KPO into the reservoir to maintain the formation pressure. Such components as Ethane, Propane, Butane and Isobutane annually totaling  to 1 bln cu m shall be used for gas chemical production, the rest gas being returned for reservoir re-injection.

Lummus Technology Inc (USA) by order of SC Condensate has developed the pre-feasibility study for the project. Various cases of production were elaborated including polyethylene and LPG (liquefied petroleum gases). Project cost is USD 1.6 bln, payback period is 9-10 years. Future polypropylene and mineral fertilizers production are under consideration. These products can be marketed in China, India, Europe and Eurasian Union.The company has signed memorandums with the Ministry of Energy and Administration for West Kazakhstan region with regard to promotion of the project.

The company has a production site to locate the future gas processing plant equipped with utilities and infrastructure.

Currently agreement is made with one of largest China investors on project participation. Negotiations are held with Japan, Poland and Arabian investors as well as financial institutions on project participation.

The company jointly with the Ministry of Energy work on obtaining guarantees of allocating raw materials for this project.