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Plans and Projects

SC Condensate is one of leading companies of Western Kazakhstan characterized with positive development dynamics. The core business of the company is hydrocarbons processing.

SC Condensate’s plans and projects are aimed at retrofitting and reequipping SC Condensate facilities applying new technologies to increase the output and improve refinery yield, enhance product quality and local environmental situation.

SC Condensate Strategic Development Plan is developed to support steady and long-term development of the company.

According to this Plan, the following projects are currently executed:

  • Increasing Mini-refinery feedstock processing capacity up to 850 KTA;
  • Constructing K5 (Euro 5) Diesel Fuel Components Hydrotreater.

Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC takes part in financing some projects.

Increasing Mini-refinery feedstock processing capacity up to 850 KTA

Project execution is started in 2016 and includes existing plant upgrading.

This project will enable to increase end product output and yield.

Current project progress: design completed, 40% of equipment and materials delivered.

Completion date – Q3 2017.

K5 Diesel Production

Project execution is started in 2015 and includes construction of Diesel Fuel Components Hydrotreater.

This project will enable to produce K5 diesel fuel to over 200 KTA.

Current project progress: design completed, 70% of equipment and materials fabricated and delivered at the construction site, construction is ongoing.

Completion date – Q4 2017.

Look-Ahead Plans

One of the look-ahead plans include creation of a gas chemical complex in Karachaganak Field.

Gas chemical complex construction is proposed to include the following.

Provide recovery of such gas chemistry feed components as methane, ethane, propane and butadiene cuts from KPO-injected gases up to 1 bln. nm3 a year. With current production rate of 17 bln nm3 a year, gas diversion will not exceed 5.8% (with production rate growing up to 24 bln nm3, the diversion will amount to 4.1%). Further on this will enable to produce products in-demand:

  • Ethanol up to 290 KTA used in Chemical industry as feed for producing chemical substances and used as solvent;
  • Ethyl tertiary butyl ether (ETBE) up to 125 KTA which is effectively used for production of high octane motor gasolines;
  • Liquefied gas (Propane-Butane mix) up to 530 KTA and fuel gas (Methane) up to 420 mln nm3 a year will be used as fuel to satisfy its demand in West Kazakhstan region.

Actual quantity of the target components may be subject to adjustment depending on specific recovery technologies.

To this purpose, SC Condensate possesses its own production site to place the proposed gas processing plant equipped with utilities and transport infrastructure.

As of today, SC Condensate has ordered pre-Feasibility Study of the project. Strategic plan on attracting investors is elaborated. SC Condensate proposed project will enable to solve multiple strategic issues:

  • involve Karachaganak resources into the innovation development of Kazakhstan based on competitive Gas Chemical Complex;
  • create Gas Chemical cluster enabling to clone various companies based on polymers and intermediate gas products;
  • create profitable production of gas (Methane) for domestic purposes which cannot be implemented without construction of independent gas plant;
  • fully engage the new Karachaganak-Uralsk gas pipeline used currently as a collecting main;
  • add new jobs and significantly increase tax receipts in budget.

These proposals enable to implement multiple assignments of the Chief of the country related to using Karachaganak resources to the full extent.