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2019 Plans

2021 plans of SC Aksaigaspromenergo include transmission and distribution of electric power to the volume of 170,760  thnd. kWh to the amount of 495,207 thnd. tenge, water supply to the volume of 125,6 thnd. m3 to the amount of 106,879 thnd. tenge. As a result, the company’s income from regulated services will be planned to the amount of 602,086 thnd. tenge.

Additional income to the amount of 60,488 thnd. tenge is expected to come from other operations such as construction and installation works, maintenance of electric installations and testing of protection facilities. Other income to the amount of 56,735 thnd. tenge is expected.

It is planned to receive income in the amount of 719,309 thousand tenge.

Provision is made to invest the amount of 144,138 thnd. tenge for equipment upgrading and overhaul.
1. Design and estimate documentation for the installation of 110 kV gas circuit breakers on the 110/35/10 kV «Zharsuat» substation»;
2. Installation of 110 kV gas circuit breakers on the 110/35/10 kV «Zharsuat» substation»;
3. Major repairs of the VL-110kV «Zharsuat-Deposit» with the installation of SK-26 type supports;
4. Replacement of 110 kV disconnectors at the facilities of PS 110/10 kV «Aksay-3», PS 110/10 kV «Aksay-2»;
5. Major repairs of the power transformer TDN-16000kVA at the object of the PS 110/6kV «Burovaya-2» with the replacement of 4 high-voltage inputs 110kV;
6. Installation of reclosers 6kV on objects VL-6 kV feeders – No. 3, No. 11 SS 110/6kV «Rig 1», Feeder – №4 PS 110/6kV «Rig-2», Feeders №16, №18 PS 110/6kV «Field» and the installation of reclosers on the objects of 10kV overhead lines of 10kV feeders – No. 0, No. 21 of 110/10 kV substation «Aksay-2».
7. Overhaul drinking water pipeline DN-325 mm by replacing the plastic pipe of Du of 250 mm, a length of 0.7 km.


Equipment upgrading and retrofitting is required to solve the issues as follows:
1. integrated automation of electrical facilities and processes;
2. improving the operating reliability, cutting repair costs;
3. improving  the labor conditions and safety;
4. improving the power supply reliability and quality;
5. improving the water supply quality and reliability.

All these measures are aimed to achieve the main strategic objective – to become a technological & business leader in providing services of electric power transmission & distribution and water supply in the future.