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Human Resources and Social Policies

Business Activities

Service in the oil and gas sector

  • Fabricating, repairing and installing oilfield and exploratory drilling equipment and spare parts;
  • Repairing crude oil and oil product storage tanks;
  • Fabricating and erecting steelwork of various complexity and intended use;
  • Repair of pipe threads;
  • Heat treatment services for welding joints;
  • Sand-blasting and airless color spraying of various steelwork and process equipment;
  • Hydro-jet cleaning of equipment with high-pressure water jet with pressure from 800 to 2500 bar;
  • Turning and milling work.

Accredited non-destructive testing laboratory

  • Diagnostics of process equipment by non-destructive methods;
  • Hydraulic testing of process equipment and valves with a pressure of up to 1000 atm with automatic determination of the class of tightness and design of the protocol;
  • Repairing and calibration of spring-loaded safety relief valves, etc.

Construction and installation operations

  • Constructing industrial facilities (Category 1 License).

Design of industrial facilities, including technological design

  • Design of industrial facilities (State License 1 category);
  • Technological design.

Environmental design development

  • Developing HSE and EIA design disciplines;
  • Developing MPE and MPD projects;
  • Preparing materials for greenhouse gas emission quotas, etc.