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SC "Condensate" is an environmentally responsible company and adheres to the following directions of environmental policy in its activities:

  • compliance with the requirements of the environmental legislation of the RoK;
  • reducing the negative impact on the environment through the implementation of appropriate programs;
  • constant updating of the material and technical base of the company and the introduction of resource-saving processes and technologies;
  • prevention of accidents, accidents and environmental pollution through effective preventive actions;
  • constant monitoring and monitoring of the company's processes affecting the environment through internal and external audits, production control and regular analysis by management;
  • formation of a responsible attitude among the company's employees to issues in the field of environmental protection through training and preventive work;
  • constant informing of the population through the mass media about the state of the environment as a result of the company's production activities.

When carrying out production activities, the company pays great attention to ensuring the environmental safety of the region. In particular, the following advanced technologies has been introduced to minimize the negative impact on the environment:

  • systems for capturing oil product vapors from the tank farm and filling platforms at refineries and oil depots, due to which emissions of hydrocarbons and mercaptans decreased by more than 90 %;
  • a unit for the utilization of weathering and stabilization gases, in connection with which it was possible to eliminate the process of burning high-sulfur hydrocarbon gas by transferring it to processing in the technological process of adjacent production;
  • Installation of biological wastewater treatment, which made it possible to reduce the discharge of wastewater into an open water intake by reusing, purified water for fire-fighting purposes.

In order to ensure minimal impact of production processes on the environment, SC "Condensate" applies a system of constant monitoring of the state of the environment in the territory where the company operates. Monitoring is carried out according to the Program of Industrial environmental control (PEC), approved by the management of the enterprise and agreed with the authorized bodies in the field of environmental protection. The environmental monitoring program is carried out both by the specialists of SC "Condensate" and by licensed contractors. Over the past few years, no facts of exceeding permissible emissions and discharges, as well as maximum permissible concentrations (MPC) for the analyzed ingredients has been established.

48.9 million tenge was allocated and disbursed for environmental measures in 2018-2020.

In 2005, SC "Condensate" introduced the environmental management system of ST RK ISO 14001-2006 "Environmental management systems. Requirements and application guidelines". Annually, in order to control the functioning of standards at the enterprise, the specialists of JSC "NATSEX" conduct inspection audits. In 2017, the company successfully passed a recertification audit on the implementation of a new version of the environmental management system of the Republic of Kazakhstan ISO 14001-2016 (ISO 14001-2015), and in 2020 confirmed compliance with the requirements of its functioning - it was certified for 2021-2023.

Engineering and technical workers and production staff of the company regularly improve their qualifications, are trained on environmental issues, both within the enterprise and in specialized training centers.

In 2017, the company received a Letter of Thanks from the Akimat of the West Kazakhstan region for its contribution to the ecology of the region. The letter of thanks was solemnly presented by the Deputy Akim of the West Kazakhstan Region I. Steksov at the event dedicated to the World Environmental Protection Day.

In 2019, the environmental engineer of SC «Condensate» was awarded a letter of thanks from the Department of Ecology for the West Kazakhstan Region of the Committee for Environmental Regulation and Control of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.