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West-Kazakhstan region, where companies of the "Condensate" consortium are located, was created on March 10, 1932 (from 1962 to 1992 – Uralsk region), and is located at the western part of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the area of 151.4 thousand square kilometers. This is the western gateway to Kazakhstan and the countries of the Middle Asia.

Our region borders with five regions of the Russian Federation: Astrakhan', Volgograd and Saratov regions on the south-east, Samara region on the north, Orenburg region on the east, as well as with Aktyubinsk and Atyrau regions of Kazakhstan. Population of this region is more than 600 thousand people.

This region has access to the Caspian Sea via the Ural river, and farther, through the Volga river – access to the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea. Since the ancient times this route has been a transit route from Asia to Europe, being one of branches of the Great Silk Way.

Administrative-territorial system of the region represents twelve rural regions and cities Uralsk and Aksay. There are 155 rural districts and 507 settlements.

Fields of oil, gas, gas-condensate, borate ores, shale oils, potassium-magnesium salts, cement raw stock, keramzite clays have been found there. There are also numerous deposits of construction materials. Grain, meat, milk, and wool are being produced. Industry sectors are represented by extracting, power, fuel, engineering, and chemical industries, as well as wood- and metal-manufacturing. There are also companies of light industry and construction materials.

Four oil-products pipelines with the total length of 3,094 km are crossing this region. Highway Shimkent-Uralsk-Samara carries domestic cargo traffic, as well as imported and exported goods from China and Middle Asia to Russia, countries of CIS and Europe. One of the main international railway routes – Middle-Asian (Chengeldy-Kandagach-Ozinki) – is also there, carrying railway cargo to European seaports.

Main company SC "Condensate" with a mini-refinery for gas-condensate processing is located on the territory of the Karachaganak gas-condensate field (Burlinsk district). The area of Burlinsk district is 5.6 thousand square kilometers. The center of the region is Aksay, located 120 km from the region capital, Uralsk. Population of Burlinsk district is 51.7 thousand people.

Karachaganak field (discovered in 1979) is one of the largest oil-gas condensate fields in the world. This field covers the area of 280 square kilometers and contains more than 1.2 billion tons of oil and condensate, and more than 1.35 trillion cubic meters of gas. Development of this field substantially helps in the development of both local economics and the economics of the entire Kazakhstan.

Besides world-famous Karachaganak field, Chinarev oil-gas condensate field in also located in this region. Currently, it is at the beginning stage of exploration and is located in Zelenovsk district of the West-Kazakhstan region (area 7,4 thousand sq. km). Capital of the region is Peremetnoe town, located 38 kilometers from the region capital, Uralsk; population of this district is 53.7 thousand people. One of the companies in Condensate Group, SC "Uralskneftegazgeologia", is currently performing drilling and geological works in Chinarev field.

Region capital, Uralsk city, is located 80 kilometers south-west of the Chinarev field.

Seventy five kilometers to the south-east, Karachaganak field with unique oil-gas condensate reserves is currently being developed, with growing extractive, processing and transport infrastructure.

Hundred and thirty kilometers west of Russia, there is another natural gas field with unique reserves – Orenburg field with a natural gas plant with a capacity of 40 billions cubic meters a year.

Fifty kilometers to the northwest, in Russia, Zaikinsko-Rostoshin group of oil fields is located. There is also a gas-processing plant here for preparation of low-sulphur gas.

Seventy kilometers west of the field, there is a "Mangyshlak-Samara" oil pipeline and Uralsk-Samara products pipeline that belongs to "Condensate-Holding" LLP.

Fifty five kilometers to the south of the field, there is a major railway line Middle Asia-Central Russia.

Companies of the "Condensate" group of companies are located in the region capital city – Uralsk. The history of this city began in 1613; this is one of the oldest Kazakhstan cities. It was established in geographically advantageous location, between two rivers – Ural and Chagan. Being also situated in the area between Ural and Volga rivers, this city is close to the cities of Russia – Orenburg, Samara, Saratov. The next major city down the Ural river is Atyrau, formerly known as Guryev.