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Steady development

SC "Condensate" is one of the leading companies in the oil and gas industry of the West Kazakhstan region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which has a reputation as a reliable partner. According to the results of the annual rating of the National Business magazine for the last fifteen years, the company has been among the hundred largest enterprises in Kazakhstan. SC Condensate is one of the major domestic taxpayers contributing to the economic development and social stability of the region.

In its activities, the Company is aimed at ensuring the efficient use of resources and achieving energy security, making a positive contribution to the socio-economic development of the region, following high standards of environmental and industrial safety, corporate governance and social responsibility.

Throughout the entire period of activity, SC "Condensate" continues its successful development in the field of innovative technologies and progress, taking into account modern world requirements.

To ensure stable and long-term growth, a strategic development plan was developed for the company based on the use of new equipment and technologies in order to increase production and processing depth, produce petroleum products that compare with international standards (Euro-5) and improve the environmental situation in the region.

2008 year

The refinery has been modernized, as a result of which the design capacity for processing hydrocarbon raw materials has been increased from 400 to 600 thousand tons per year.

To reduce the level of atmospheric air pollution by harmful emissions, oil vapor recovery systems with steam-air mixture purification units with closed storage and filling of petroleum products have been installed at the company's facilities. The implementation of this project made it possible to capture vapors of petroleum products from the tank farm and bulk overpasses, reduce emissions of hydrocarbons and mercaptans into the atmospheric air by more than 90%.

2010 year

The construction of a Gas compression Unit has been completed at the Refinery. With the commissioning of this project, the entire volume of high-sulfur hydrocarbon gas released during the processing of raw materials is brought to the state ready for transportation through the pipeline and transferred for disposal to the technological process of an adjacent enterprise. The implementation of this project has made it possible to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the environment.


In order to expand the range of processed hydrocarbon raw materials, the company modernized the production of a low-tonnage unit by putting into operation in 2012 2 additional tanks with pumping stations, oil reception units and light petroleum products.

In 2012, the company launched an important innovative project "Construction of the 2nd stage of the refinery for the production of K5 ecological class motor fuels". The project was included in the Republican Industrialization Map of Kazakhstan. As part of the project, in November 2016, technological facilities for the production of gasoline with a production capacity of about 220 thousand tons per year were put into operation.

SC "Condensate" was the first in the Republic of Kazakhstan to launch the commercial sale of high-quality and competitive products: 92 RON and 95 RON grades of ecological class K-5, conforming to international standards. Gasoline is sold through its own network of gas stations, as well as to wholesale buyers.

The Gasoline complex includes the following technological installations:

  • Nafta hydrotreating unit, designed to purify the fraction from sulfur, nitrogenous and other harmful compounds;
  • Nafta reforming unit, designed to produce high-octane components of automotive gasoline and technical hydrogen;
  • Light naphtha isomerization section, designed to increase the octane number of light naphtha by isomerizing normal pentane/hexane paraffins in naphtha to pentane/hexane isoparaffins in the presence of hydrogen;
  • Amine purification unit, designed to remove harmful impurities of hydrocarbon gas;

The sulfur production section is designed for the utilization of acid gases obtained in the process of amine gas purification followed by the production of sulfur.

2016 year

The modernization of the tank farm was carried out, including the reconstruction of existing tanks in order to use them for receiving, storing gasoline and isoriformat; construction of a gasoline filling unit; construction of tanks for storing high-octane additive MTBE; systems for gas equalization and recovery of petroleum vapors, construction of a 1000 m3 tank for fire water storage and a number of other upgrades.

The construction of an Intermediate tank Farm consisting of five tanks with a volume of 2000 m3 each and a gasoline vapor recovery unit has been completed at the Refinery. The construction of a Technical Chemical Laboratory (THL) has been completed on the Site for operation and maintenance. The laboratory is equipped with built-in laboratory furniture and high-tech equipment for conducting research according to state and international standards.

Complex production technology requires high-level product quality control, as well as compliance with modern standards for ensuring proper quality control. In this regard, in 2018 the company successfully accredited a technical chemical laboratory for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories".

Highly qualified laboratory staff monitors the quality of products at all stages of production, starting with the raw materials received for processing, intermediate fractions involved in the process of technology, storage, transportation and certification of finished products for compliance with regulatory documents during implementation. Such an established control system is a guarantee of production stability and ensuring the release and sale of high-quality products to the consumer.

According to the received accreditation, the technical chemical laboratory of SC "Condensate" has the right to conduct tests for third-party organizations on many types of petroleum products.  The laboratory also has the right to conduct tests in accordance with the requirements of the EAEU Technical Regulation 013/2011 "On requirements for automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuel, jet fuel and fuel oil" for such types of products as automobile gasoline, diesel fuel and fuel oil.

2017 year

On the Site for operation and maintenance, the construction of a facility for receiving, storing and shipping tar, consisting of two tanks with a nominal volume of 1000 m3 with a pumping unit, a node for automobile and railway discharge/ filling of tar, has been completed.

The construction of a vacuum distillation Section with a design capacity of 250 thousand tons per year has been completed at the Refinery. The new technological installation ensured the maximum extraction of light oil products and the production of new types of finished products:

  • distillates used for the production of motor gasoline and diesel fuel;
  • vacuum gas oil, which will be used in further processing for the production of automotive fuels and lubricating oils;
  • tar, which is used in the production of road and roofing bitumen.

In August 2017, the implementation of another strategically important project was completed – "Increasing the productivity of an oil refinery for processing raw materials to 850 thousand tons per year". The project was launched in 2016 and included the modernization of the existing production. This project has allowed to increase the volume of processing of raw materials from 600 to 850 thousand tons per year.

2018 year

Gas station No. 5 in Uralsk on the Uralsk-Samara highway was put into operation. Gas station No. 6 in Uralsk on Gagarin Street and gas station No. 7 in Uralsk on Yesenzhanov Street. Thus, SC "Condensate" has 7 branded gas stations - 5 of them are located in Uralsk and 2 in Aksai, meeting high standards of industrial safety. In addition, all stations are equipped with a special system that does not allow fuel vapors to enter the air, which is extremely important from an environmental point of view. It offers motorists and a mini-market with a large assortment of goods for drivers, free Wi-Fi, as well as a wide selection of food and beverages.

In June 2018, the "Diesel Fuel Components Hydrotreating Section" was commissioned at the Condensate SC oil refinery, which is the final production facility for the project "The second stage of the construction of the SC «Condensate» refinery for the production of ecological class K5 motor fuels" and the serial production of high-quality diesel fuel grades DT-L-K5 (summer), DT-Z-K5 (winter), corresponding to the modern Euro-5 standard. The nominal capacity of the diesel fuel production plant is about 220 thousand tons per year.

The basis of the diesel fuel production technology is the catalytic process of purification of the raw mixture from sulfur compounds, which allows to achieve the indicators of the fuel standard of ecological class K5 - the basic norm of environmental safety.

With this project, SC "Condensate" has completed a large-scale modernization of production.

As a result of the work carried out, a modern oil refining complex has been built in the West Kazakhstan region, capable of covering the needs for high-quality motor fuel not only in our region, but also in neighboring regions. The ecological component of the complex is no less important. The production and use of gasoline and diesel fuel of class K5 reduces harmful sulfur dioxide emissions from the operation of cars by more than 50 times!

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