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About CompanySC AksaiGazPromEnergo is an electric grid company, one of the enterprises of the electricity and water supply market in the Burlinsky district of the West Kazakhstan region.

According to the results of the static ranking, SC AksaiGazPromEnergo, a member of the Condensate Group of Companies, took the first place in the national business rating of Kazakhstan in 2013 in the nomination “Electricity transmission” with the status of “Leader of Kazakhstan 2013”.

SC AksaiGazPromEnergo has all necessary technological infrastructure and technical base for performance of all types of its activities.

The company owns overhead and cable power lines, distribution and transformer substations and other electrical installations. Such electrical installations enable to transfer power to Aksai and Karachaganak oil-gas-condensate field both from Uralsk – the center of the region, and Russian Federation.

The company also owns water supply facilities: pumping stations, treatment plants, water pipelines. The company operates Zharsuat subsurface water field located along Russian Federation border.

During the entire period of operation, the company followed the strategy of dynamic and sustainable development. The main strategic goal of the company is to become a technologically and economically active business leader in the transmission and distribution of electricity and water in the future.

So, for the last 7 years, SC AksaiGazPromEnergo has reconstructed and modernized electricity and water supply systems, updated the production and technical facilities and motor park, including:

1) introduction of Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption (ASCAPC) at a high and medium level in the 110.6 kV electrical network, which allowed the company to timely collect information on the generation and distribution of electricity, identify sources of losses in order to eliminate it, to optimize the cost of purchased electricity, the determination of the electricity balances, the interchange of agreed information on electricity metering with the subjects of the wholesale electricity market (WEM);

2) introduction of automated dispatch control system (ADCS) into the enterprise’s power supply system, which allowed monitoring and control of technological processes, data exchange, processing, accumulation and storage of information, generation of alarms, creation of schedules and reports;

3) modernization of 110/6kV “Burovaya-1”, “Burovaya-2”, “Deposit”, 110 / 10kV “Aksai-3”, and “Aksai-2” substations by replacing 110kV separators and short circuitors with 110 kV gas-insulated switches;

4) installation of 10kV RP-1 distribution point of a modular type;

5) General maintenance of power transformers 16000kVA at 110/6(10)kV substations;

6) General maintenance of production facilities with the replacement of electrical equipment, as well as administrative and residential buildings of the company;

7) installation of the videosurveillance system at all large facilities of the company to monitor the safe and high-quality production work;

8) modernization and updating of the motor park;

9) General maintenance of drinking water conduit by installation of the polyethylene pipes.

The result of the reconstruction and modernization of the systems of electricity and water supply, the renewal of the production and technical facilities and the company's motor park are:
• reduction of wear of networks and facilities;
• improving the reliability of services provided by reducing accidents;
• obtaining economic benefits by reducing operating costs and reducing losses in the networks;
• improving the quality of services and environmental safety;
• provision of electricity and water supply services to new consumers.