31 december 2003 г.
"Intec" LLP is entrusted to review a project

In the second quarter of 2004, the implementation of Karachaganak gas processing plant project is scheduled to begin.

It is predicted that the construction of this plant will not only give a start to the third phase of the Karachaganak field exploration, but will also be a solution to a number of problems of our region. However, at the same time, gas processing plant will create significant problems, the main one is ecological. Hence, the construction should be conducted based on the modern technologies, with minimum impact on the environment.
In the beginning of December, 2003, public hearings were held, where preliminary environment impact assessment of the Karachaganak processing plant was reviewed. The preliminary assessment project was developed by the Republican Resource Center for Research and Production "Kazekologia".
Public opinion, according to the results of the discussion carried onto the pages of the local press, is far from being positive. As a result, "Intec" LLP was entrusted to review the project of preliminary environment impact assessment of Karachaganak gas processing plant. Currently, this project is being studied by the company specialists.