7 january 2004 г.
"Zhaiktrans" LLP opened a new sports complex

Just a few days before the 2004 New Year's celebration, the employees of Zhaiktrans celebrated a completion of new sports complex.

This event was met with great enthusiasm by a friendly team of Zhaiktrans employees.
The facility was build by the dedicated Zhaiktrans' team. It took several years to complete the project. The original building, which underwent major renovations, used to be an unfinished boiler-house, inherited by the Group. Guest, who saw the original building before, were amazed at the amount of work that was invested into completing the project. Besides the full-size volleyball court, the complex includes a fully-equipped gym facility, change rooms and space for ping-pong tables.
The official opening was celebrated by the employees of Zhaiktrans and other member-companies as well as guests. The Chairman of the Board, Valeriy Junussov, opened the ceremony by congratulating everyone on completion of the project and highlighted the fact that in 2004, the employees of Condensate will have an opportunity to continue healthy life-style in their own facility. In his opening speech, the General Manager of Zhaiktrans, Lev Junussov, thanked the employees of "Zhaiktrans" who participated in the contraction of the complex. Each individual, who participated in the development of the project, received a token of appreciated on behalf of the Group. After the ceremony, guests were invited to watch the volleyball game between the teams of "Zhaiktrans" and "Condensate".