15 september 2008 г.
SC Condensate Ranks Among Major Golden Hundred of Kazakhstani Companies

We are in a hurry to break good news: Kazakhstani magazine National Business for six years traditionally features in its eighth issue (August-September) a special project

(NB 100+) that rates 100 major companies playing an upper hand in the country's national economy. Based on the achievements in 2007 SC Condensate ranked No. 51 in the following performances: quantity of marketed products, value of assets, equity and net income as well as return on assets (ROA), return on equity (RÎE), profit margin, and capitalization (equity ratio). The indices selected for the rating prove the project is getting on a higher quality level.
Five years ago the position of a company in NB 100+ was estimated based only on the quantity of annual sales. At that time ÀÎ Condensate was 69 in the list of 100 major companies of the country.
Last year the magazine was guided by more performance indicators, and the rating was set on quantity of sales, net income, value of assets and equity. Based on these figures, in 2006, the Company stepped up to 55 in NB 100+.
As the authors of the article on assessment methods report, the information was mainly sourced out of financials open to public access: company websites, KASE, LSE. Then, the companies were ranked to the scope of sold products/services rendered on a declining basis, and classified according to their activity in 11 major sectors: oil and gas, ore mining and smelting, finance, construction, power industry, agricultural business, FMCG, telecommunications, transport, retail, processing industries