7 january 2009 г.
President's Award

In the last month of 2008 the Condensate Group of Companies was awarded with an Honorary Diploma of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev.

On behalf of Condensate the award was received by Mr. V.K.Junusov, CEO. The award, to which the Company was promoted by Ministry of Culture and Information, distinguished its activity in cultural and humanitarian fields - relief actions, sponsorships, etc.
That was really a great event for all personnel of the companies, as it expressly shows how the Company's input to implementation of social-oriented targets is appreciated. This is the policy the Company has been following for many years, and to which each contributed his or her labour, effort and time. Just over the last three years Condensate spent more than 168,5 m KZT to maintain the welfare of local people.
Condensate is known in the area as a rapidly developing home company, as a leader in economic growth. Now, Condensate incorporates 10 companies with more than 1500-strong personnel, and the production of goods and services, just only in the first half of 2008, amounted to 22 billion KZT. From its first days the company felt responsible for social development, along with the main activity. First it was SC Condensate who took up the social responsibility policy as one of its priorities. In 2008 the company celebrated the 16th anniversary of its foundation, and in August that year - the 10th anniversary of its plant. The magazine National Business in its annual ratings lists the company over thae last years in the middle of "golden hundred" of Kazakhstani major companies, based on the quantity of products marketed.
The Company's efficiency made possible, over the last decade, to render regular assistance to the so-called sensitive group of community - the disabled, vets, kindergartens, children's village, etc. Over the last five years more than 10.6 m KZT was allocated, and to the Great Patriotic War vets, and the company pays special attention to them, more than five million KZT through 2005 to 2008, on V-days.
Ten years ago, to aid educational institutions, the Company set up prizes for Best Teacher and Best Pupil, and more than one million KZT was spent for these purposes. For about nine years schools are financially promoted for developing their physical infrastructure and encouraging teachers, with more than two million KZT being spent to this end in 2007-2008.
Of course, one cannot but mention day-to-day activities in this area. Regularly financial aids are rendered to local theatres, philharmonic, arts and crafts centres, children's musical and dancing schools, other institutions. It is noteworthy that in the last two years the company sponsored the publication of two books - one by a well-known writer and ethnographer N.Chesnokov, The Rhymed Prose of Life, another dedicated to 100th birth anniversary of fellow-countryman and writer Khamza Yesenzhanov, Akzhaigyn ansangan-azamat.
Condensate is known as the main sponsoring company of the local men's volley-ball team, now participating in Kazakhstan National League; previously the team was a champion, a prize-winner of the Country Cup and other prestigious international and countrywide competitions and championships. On the Company's initiative and through its financial aid a junior volley-ball team was set up, out of students of local higher education institutions, playing successfully in the Country Championship. Also, an active support is given to schoolchildren's volley-ball team from the local sports school.
Of particular note is the much-needed help to the residents of RybTsekh that suffered from earthquake in 2008. For them, in cooperation with Zhaikmunai Company, in a very short time were built four two-family houses in Sary-Omir Village, spending for that more than 34 million KZT.
Along with various aids described above, the Company carries out, already for 10 years, an enormous social activity in the area its operational facilities are based. In the last five years for Burlinsky District sensitive community groups, educational institutions, sports spent was four million KZT.