11 january 2013 г.
High Rating

At the end of the last year SC Condensate received a decent rating from international experts of Fitch Ratings and Expert RA Kazakhstanrating agency.

In November 2012 Fitch Ratings rated the company as“B-“ in foreign currency and “B+ (kaz)" in national currency. Forecast for both ratings is "Stable". It should be noted that Fitch Ratings international rating agency specializes in providing the world credit markets with independent and focused assessment of credit rating, analytical research and data; the agency experts have a global analytical experience, knowledge of local market specificsand carry out analysis on the capital markets in more than 150 countries. With Russia and CIS Fitch Ratings has been working over 15 years, and investors, issuers and bankers in different countries admit the reliability, transparency and timeliness of the analytical research products of this agency.

In December 2012 Expert RA Kazakhstanrating agency assignedthe "A" credit score to SC Condensate. This is a high level the positive influence on which was exerted by zero debt load and implementation of the company's investment programs, high rates of profit and profit margin, stable high liquidity indicators, and growth of capital and assets. In addition, the agency analysts noted the growth prospects of sale markets for the products delivered by SC Condensate, which is due to the fact that in 2012 the company started a Euro-5 fuel plant construction project. These circumstances give positiveeffects to the company rating.