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Structure and Management


The structure of the consortium can be represented as follows:

In accordance with the mentioned above general agreement on joint activities, the Board of Directors was created. Its purpose is managing and conducting of common affairs in consortium. Currently, the Board is consisting of the following members:

The Board of Directors, being a managing body of the consortium, implements the coordination of companies' production activities, the coordination of commercial activities, the coordination of human resources policy, the coordination of members' investment policy; organizes consortium-wide legal department, organizes centralized software supply and maintenance, as well as implements other functions, defined by consortium members in the general agreement on joint activities.

It is the responsibility of the Consortium Board of Directors to implement the general management of consortium. As a result, the Board was given the right to make binding for all consortium members decisions within the limits of its authority.

all the years of consortium's existence, the practice of realization of consortium's goals demonstrated the validity and soundness of creation of such union.